About Helen

About Helen


About Helen


Hi I'm Helen, a Scottish based artist, photographer and generally animal mad person. Welcome to my website.

I specialise in commissioned pastel portrairts of your pet. Cats, dogs and horses, but I've also done portraits of bulls, donkeys, sheep and even a lizard!! So basically you can commission anything you choose - and then you just need to decide to go for colour or black & white. 

Having lost my beloved spaniel last year (that's her in the picture xx) I am now the owner of a crazy rescue dog who keeps me on my toes. Oh and two horses that eat me out of house & home, I know how important our animals are to many of us. My aim is to draw a commission that captures a great likeness, personality and to make the whole experience easy and affordable. 

I also work on my own orginal artwork, focusing on either the dramatic side of our animal friends or the more comical. You can see some originals for sale here on the website or in various galleries. There's also a wide selection of prints and cards

Selecting an artist is a very personal thing so I won't say any more and let the art do the talking - so please have a good rummage around and I hope you like what you see.

Helen x




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Please telephone 07888728223 or email sales@helenwilsonanimalart.co.uk to discuss anything further.